Library Committee

• The institution constituted the Library Advisory Committee to assist in providing and improving the library facilities or resources to the students and staff in the college.

• The committee during its regular meetings, sort out the student’s suggestions and demands and teachers’ recommendations in providing library facilities at the expectations of the readers.

• During the orientation Programme to the first-year students, the Library Advisory Committee gives information about the library facilities (textbooks, reference books, magazines, journals e-resources etc.) that are available in support of the each programme.

• The committee display the boards about Dos & Don’ts in the library.

• The committee assist in organizing books exhibition on the specific days. (i.e. on birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the library books on Gandhiji are to be exhibited).

• The Committee recommend to the librarian to undertake yearly the library stock verification and recommend the weed out the old outdated books from the library in consultation with the subject teachers or Principal.

• The committee also gives suggestion to provide other supportive facilities to the readers like ramps for disabled, drinking water, xerox internet browsing, OPAC, etc.

Composition of Library Committee :
Chairperson : Sri Rajarajeswara Rao C.V., Principal
Coordinator: Sri. Basavantappa M
Members: Sri. Jayasimha M.R. &  Sri. Maheshrao K

Duties :
• To take stock of the existing, newly added and total number of books.

• To see that library software is used for automation.

• To arrange talks for students to motivate them to cultivate reading habits.

• To organise book week, books display’s on special occasions.

• To provide digital library facilities with National and International online journals.

• To see that library issue/ return of books are maintained through software.

• To facilitate the services of National Digital Library an initiative by HRD Ministry.

• To acquire books for the book bank and distribute to the deserving students.

• To maintain the sanctity of the Library.

• To maintain a record of the services rendered/ activities conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.