Student’s Council

The college has an active student’s council to represent the academic and co-curricular activities of the college. It is platform for students to exhibit their talents, creativity thinking and thereby help them to develop their personality by organizing and taking part in the various extracurricular or co-curricular activities of the institution.

• The Principal of the college is the Chairman of the Students Council.
• The Faculty members yearly by rotation becomes the President and Vice- President of the students Council
• All the class representatives are the members of the student’s council.
• The members of the student’s council are selected on the basis of merit, i.e. one topper from each class.
• The General Secretary and Joint Secretary of the students Council is nominated yearly by rotation on the alphabetical order in the first meeting of the student’s council.
• The student’s council members are members in the various associations of the student’s council.

1. Objectives of the Council Shall be
• To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
• To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students.
• To organize debates, seminars, work squads, tours and such other functions.
• To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational social or recreational activities that are conducive of the above activities.

2. Membership
All the students enrolled in the college shall be the members of the union.

3. Term
The tenure of the office of the college union shall be one academic year.

4. Funds
The College shall institute a college union fund. It shall collect the prescribed fees from the students towards union activities along with the first installment of tuition fees at the beginning of each academic year and shall credit the same to the college fund.

5. Association
The college may have one or more associations subordinated to the College union, according to different subjects taught at the under graduate and Postgraduate level in the college. The college Union may also organize various forums or clubs.

6. Executive Committee
The college union shall have an Executive Committee consisting of

Chairman Sri Rajarajeswara Rao C.V., Principal
The President Sri R.V. Wadaki
The Vice President Sri Ishappa Meti
The General Secretary Kum. Hussain Bi, B.C.A 5th Sem
The Joint Secretary Kum. Gunavanti, B.B.A 5th Sem

Activities of the Student Council :
• The General Secretary and Joint Secretary and are the members in the IQAC and are playing the participatory and suggestive role.

• The other members of the student’s council represent in the various committees and cells of the college like; Students Grievance cell, Equal opportunity cell, Library advisory committee, NSS & NCC advisory committee.

• Ladies representatives in the student’s council are working as members of Ladies Association, women Hostel committee, and are given representation in the Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee and anti-ragging committee.

• The Students Council promotes and encourages the involvements of Students in organizing and coordinating the events like Special lectures, Jeevan Darshan Programme, the Special Day, Birth and Death Anniversary of the Great leaders.

• The student’s council also promotes and encourages the involvements of students in the ISRC activities like Public Awareness Rallies; specially on health and environment issues.

• In all, the student’s council activities of the institution bring their ideas with the proposal of events, Feedback about the events and teachers, and they also learn from it, about the democratic process, civic responsibilities, problem solving, decision making, leadership and team work.